High Pressure Laminate

High Pressure Laminate (HPL) also known as a refractory board, is a high-tempered laminate board of thermosetting resin impregnanted paper. HPL is a fire-resistant, decorative surface, building material. BODA High Pressure Laminate is made of overlay film, melamine decoarative paper and phenolic resin kraft paper.

High pressure laminates have the advantages like: Bold and realistic designs, rich in color, including, but not limited to solid colors, woodgrains, stones, metals, patterns, and more. Enhanced haptic solutions with a variety of surface textures. Durable wear-resistant surface. Post forming laminate sheets, which are suitable to create rounded edges for worktops and other surfaces. Customizable Laminate Designs. 

High pressure laminates have excellent appearance performance like highly decorative and design driven. Our product’s design originates from nature, but with technology is customized to perfection. In addition to its aesthetic, the texture of our products mimic that of natural wood, stone and fabric. The diversity and availability of our designs are endless.