2021 Medical Exhibition in Shenzhen


Exhibition Purpose: The importance of the Hospital industry in China and the need for high standard products due to increased building regulations by the Chinese government. After the epidemic in 2020, the importance of hospitals is evident, and we have realized the strong capacity of Chinese architecture. It is apparent that building materials related to the hospital industry are becoming increasingly important. Join us to see highlights from the Shenzhen Hospital Conference and take a look at how Jiangsu Boda New Material Technology Co., LTD., a 21-year company have known for its reputation and quality has to offer this industry.

Under the premise of ensuring design innovation and product safety, the fire-retardant board, anti-fingerprint laminate, HPL and compact laminate from BODA endow the products with the characteristics of Grade A fire prevention, ENF Level environmental protection, anti-bacterial, mildew resistance, laboratoryand chemical resistance and other characteristics. We uphold high standards in building safety and environmental protection of materials. Through this hospital conference, BODA presents a professional medical building decoration, as an overall materials surface solution provider. Don't miss out on joining us at the annual hospital convention and learn more about the necessary materials needed for the hospital industry.

BODA electron beam curing laminate is a new, yet popular material. 

Fingerprint resistant laminate is the most high-tech product just used in batches in the past two years. The product applies new surface materials and EBC electronic beam curing and processing technology, so that the product surface has fingerprint resistance, an extremely soft baby skin touch, ultra-wear resistance, thermal healing scratch repair and other functional characteristics. BODA M.S. nano laminates are coated with a new generation of acrylic resin and cured by special electron beams, bringing a new unparalleled experience to our industry. Environmentally friendly, formaldehyde free surface.   

Compact Laminate is a thick, double-sided, high-pressure decorative laminate formed by a special resin and various kraft paper layers at a high temperature and high pressure, it can be used directly as a structure and does not need to be applied to a substrate, unlike traditional high pressure laminate. Due to its density and variety of color options, textures, and surface treatments, it is extremely suitable for load bearing interior solutions. It is also widely used for indoor walls, bathroom partitions, locker room partitions, space compartments, storage cabinets and a variety of countertops. All compact laminate is suitable for interior decor. However, compact laminate can also be made with special surface qualities making it suitable for outdoor use.

Chemical resistant boards are made up of kraft paper wood fibers that have been impregnated with phenolic resin in high temperature and high pressure in the hardening of a thermosetting phenolic resin board. Our chemical resistant boards have excellent impact, water, moisture, chemical, heat, climate, wear, and corrosion resistance. Possess light fastness qualities without the worry of discoloration or fading. Chemical resistant boards are easy to clean and maintain and have a long-life span and shock absorption. They are suitable and widely used in hospitals, chemical laboratories, physical laboratories, worktops and other places require a high quality surface.