BODA M.S. Series


BODA electron beam curing laminate is an innovative, new surface material. Fingerprint resistant laminate is themost high-tech product especially popular in the past two years. The product applies new surface materials and (EBC) electronic beam curing and processing technology, so that the product surface has fingerprint resistance, a super soft baby skin touch, ultra-wear resistance, repair and other new functions. BODA M.S. nano laminates are coated with a new generation of acrylic resins and cured by special electron beams. This new surface solution brings an unparalleled extreme experience to interiors.


The MS series is not only a super matte soft surface. It combines nanotechnology to createa spectacular surface. With an irresistible touch of skin. And it won't leave any fingerprints behind. From restaurants to hospitals to commercial spaces. M.S. series, with its sanitary antibacterial characeristics and super matte appearance. Creates the perfect surface solution.

The M.S.+ series is a powerful high-performance material. It has no problem in crowded areas, especially on countertops. Its anti - fingerprint performance leaves no trace on the surface of the product. M.S.+ products have powerful self-repairing capabilities. Minor surface scratches can be repaired by thermal healing. Stain resistance, impact resistance, low light reflectivity and other features. Without the worry of fading or discoloration. The product not only has the function of mold prevention. But it is also food safe. Antibacterial, hydro impermeable surface, heat resistant and wear-resistant. It is the suitable choice for health care facilities. As well as kitchens, restaurants, laboratories. Pharmacies, clinics, hospitals, offices, furniture. Childcare, bathrooms, and more. Our M.S series colors and designs are a deep matte color that are pure, aesthetically pleasing, and essential. Its super matte surface combines exactly what interiors needs in its features and design.


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