Happy New Year


Looking back on 2021, BODA thank you for your companion. To embrace 2022, wish you obtain more happy and be safe. Happy New Year!

BODA launched three new colors for Anti-finger print product. They are M0026 Lasso Ace, M0027 Mink Ace, M0028 Grigio Ace. These three colors belongs to the complementary color series of Pantone popular color--Changchun flower basket. The natural balance of warm and cool colors supports and enhances each other.

Stone element is necessary in a perfect space design. S0034B Dennovo Lava and S0040 Asphalt is popular in 2021 and designers like using it. The individual rock plate style and retro metal feeling, make these two colors become the king of "ornament". With wood grain or plain color collocation up, complement each other, integrated, everything is just right.