Protect Our Forest


"The green tree village is close to the edge, and the green hills are sloping outside". This is the natural scenery described by the Tang Dynasty poet Bai Juyi. Forest resources are continuously being destroyed. This scene has become the "Xanadu" that people dream of environmental problems are imminent. PoliLam is continuously in awe of nature. Finding inspiration in nature, breathe together.

On average per minute, 36 football fields-sized forests were destroyed, if we don't act by 2030, 170 million hectares of forest will disappear. If the earth had no forests, there will be a shortage of resources, less fuel, soil erosion, raging sandstorms, droughts and floods. The destruction of forests has already, brought serious consequences to human beings. Time to do something!

Trees-Magnificent, full of beauty, the lungs of our planet. PoliLam honors trees by recreating their splendor and grace. No one wood grain is exactly the same as another its unique and beautiful. Therefore, we chose to replicate the wood grain of nature instead of destroying salute to trees. We are grateful for the air they give us to breathe.

PoliLam responds to nature with nature starting from the origin of creativity, back to the texture of nature's light luxury, it conveys the delicacy and delicacy of space.

W0055A Asira Chestnut

W0055A Asira Chestnut elegance with understated luxury. It feels real and delicate, elegant color has a unique charm. Refined and soft natural oak as if bathing in nature. Find inner peace and stability.

W0055B  Venice Chestnut

W0055B Venice Chestnut a natural and warm woodgrain transparent texture. Simple and classic wooden design, suitable for a variety of space styles with its delicate and bright texture and purity, providing an elegant and comfortable setting.

W0055C  Draffin Chestnut

W0055C Draffin Chestnut With a warm texture and deep color, this design is timeless. A classic unique wood texture flowing the warmth of the years throwing away the glitz and returning to the essence of life, bringing comfort to our tired souls.


PoliLam's design combines natural and space aesthetics, natural touch and texture stack up space aesthetics. The texture is clear and bright, perfectly replicating the beauty of nature.