Happy Easter!


Easter is one of the oldest and most meaningful Christian holidays. Celebrating the resurrection of Christ, Christians around the world celebrate every year. Easter also symbolizes rebirth and hope. The spring breeze is warm, and everything is revived. Welcome the good spring. PoliLam invites you to join the "Easter Celebration".

Easter Eggs


Dating back to the twelfth century, people added eggs to Easter festivities. This egg is often painted red, now also painted a variety of bright colors and even decorated with smiley faces. This is how they came to be known as "Easter Eggs". The colors in 'Easter Egg Hunt' are full of life. PoliLam collects global cultural inspiration and incorporates it into interior design, bringing people a new way of life.

Sunset at dusk, fruity wheat fields, sunflowers in the summer. Sun Flower is a beautiful bright exciting color, bringing warmth and igniting imagination, giving a sense of brilliance.

Sky, sea, gems electric blue, mysterious, deep and wise, peaceful and lofty in the application of space art exudes a noble air.

Noble Rouge without losing texture, exudes vitality throughout the entire space. With soft and delicate dark contrasts, a stylish space combined with soothing colors.

Ace Surface is the complete material system, selection of global high-quality raw materials, with rich variety, excellent texture and pure color creates a super-matte texture with a warm touch, whether it is morning or evening, all reflect an elegant and modern lifestyle.