Noir Aesthetic


Recently, there’s been a wave of "dark tea" on the Internet. HEYTEA explained the origin of the new logo with a GIF: A little boy was struck by a lightning bolt, his hair 'exploded' due to "electric shock" Fujiwara Hiroshi, Heytea he was "fried".

It is one of the color trends, Hiroshi Fujiwara with its main color design of drink cups, cup sleeves, paper bags, etc. Visually giving people a sense of mystery, advanced and cool consumers have sighed who knew drinking tea could be so cool!

A lifestyle statement, more like a life background that expresses, an attitude of self in every important moment of life. You need some black to show one's stance, black shaping thoughts. As Yohji Yamamoto once said, "Black is the end of color.”

HEYTEA brings Hiroshi Fujiwara's inspiration into offline space created 5 "black shops". Appearance based on black, echoing themed interiors, a high-quality texture.

PoliLam with a keen sense of fashion, inspired by black aesthetic. Let trend culture drive our lives. Create Inspiration Decals M0006 Raven.

Black furniture for a modern look, Raven with its unique skin feel and ultra-matte look into the atmosphere of the space.

Whether it is an open or independent space, Raven Ace has easy-to-clean, antibacterial properties, making the kitchen handy. Black countertops combined with wood grain cabinets a sleek, simple, modern style.

Especially in public spaces, Raven brings out the essence of black aesthetics, representing domineering. Solemn exudes a sense of sophistication in its own right.