How To Maintain Boda Laminate Care's Beauty And Durability For Years To Come.


Anti-bacterial high pressure laminate is made up of the same components as standard HPL, with an additional special resin formula that's been formulated to make our product resistant to bacterial growth. The surface of our anti-bacterial HPL sheets are treated to protect against common germs and bacteria. In addition to our HPL, our Compact Laminate and Fire-Retardant Board can also be made to be anti-bacterial. Anti-bacterial laminate is especially useful in any high volume or hygiene sensitive areas. Anti-bacterial qualities can be applied to any design, woodgrain, solid color, and pattern desired.

BODA Laminate Care

Laminate care is easy. Here's what you need to know to maintain its beauty and durability for years to come.

Protecting the Surface

Before selecting the surface material that's right for you consider how you'll be using it in addition to its texture color and reflective values. A rough-textured surface has different advantages depending upon use than a smooth-textured surface. For example high-gloss finish laminates are not recommended for use in heavy-duty applications such as countertops. Dark colors tend to enhance scratches marring and fingerprints.

Scratch and Impact Protection

BODA Laminate is resistant to scratches and impacts under normal use conditions.

Use cutting boards chopping blocks or other protective surfaces.

Do not chop slice pound or hammer on any laminate surface.

Knives or other sharp utensils may slice or scratch the surface.

Heavy blows from a hammer or meat tenderizer may crack or gouge the surface.

Use place mats doilies and trivets on laminate surfaces when necessary.

Ceramics and abrasive objects can cause scratching and premature wear – do not slide these items across surface.

Follow recommendations for cleaning – do not use abrasive cleaners steel wool sandpaper or Scotch-Brite® scouring pads.