Exterior Grade Compact Laminate


Exterior Grade Compact Laminate

Exterior Grade Compact Laminate is a decorative high-pressure compact laminate (HPL) with an integral surface manufactured using unique in-house technology.A high-performance material meeting specified UV and weather resistance requirements,for general use in exterior applications involving medium/long term exposure to average levels of sunlight and weathering  panels can be used on their own or in combination with other materials.

Testing For Exterior Grade HPL

Testing time : From 19th May to 24th June

Sawing:The following general guideline apply to sawing
■ Feed: 7 - 22 m/min (≈ 23 - 72 ft/min). 
■ Tooth: Alternate tooth or trapezoid flat tooth. 
■ Positioning: Entering tooth always at the decorative sides. 
■ Cutting edges: Best results are obtained with stationary machines. Any sharp edges can be removed with sandpaper or router. 
■ Rake angle: A rake angle of 45° gives the best performance. 

■ Use insert templates covered with rubber mats to prevent the panels from sliding if the machine does not have a moving worktop and/or if you are machining double-sided panels.


Carbide-tipped or HSS-drill, top angle 60-80°. BODA panels should be drilled with support sheets