Colloection 2023 BODA Catalog Released


BODA Group released latest catalog last week. The newest catalog selected hundreds of new wood-grain, marblefabric and solid colors.

Trees are such a raw, yet elegant natural source. Impeccable craftsmanship can fulfill the desire to feel every crevice and swirl with our fingertips, let us draw you into the magnificent wood-grains

New color recommend: 39312

The liberation that comes from climbing mountains. Witnessing the appearance of what only centuries of grinding and erosion can create.
A product of our earth, mother nature’s gift , but only, to those who possess the ability to recognize it.

New color recommend: 57403

The richness of wool fabrics of our smooth and knitted textures. A blend of elegance and leisure. Luxurious design, with the modesty of a fine gentleman.

New color recommend: 59532

No matter you are in the area of other building material, or you are the end user, or just a designer, if you ‘re interested in our designs, you can ask for catalog by contact [email protected]