Case Sharing Of Boda Hangzhou Business Space


Since ancient times, Hangzhou has been a frequent subject of literary works. 
The mountains and rivers of Hangzhou arouse the poet's talent, 
Whether "to compare the West Lake to the Xishi" 

Or "white rain jumping beads disorderly into the boat", 

Hangzhou has been woven in the poet's dream. 
Boda is also in such an idyllic city too.

Project Name:Hangzhou Wanrong City
Project Application: W0031C/W0069A

W0031C Robin Burlington Elm

Warm light brownish yellow colour with cherry undertones 
Combined with the bright texture of elm 
Smooth with a touch of nifty
Playful with a hint of warmth

W0069A Austin Natural Ash

When honey's warm hue 
Meet natural ash wood 
There is a sweet smell in the air 
Keep it simple and reveal details 
Simple but not monotonous