Boda New Materials Technology Co., Ltd. Will Attend The "Design Shanghai" Exhibition In Shanghai


From June 8 to 11, 2023, Jiangsu Boda New Materials Technology Co., Ltd. will attend the "Design Shanghai" exhibition in Shanghai, welcome new and old customers to visit our booth!

2. PoliLam --W0058B RW Kanto Cedar
Extract color and texture 
Interpretation and reconstruction with modern techniques 

Give the space emotional color

3. PoliLam --M0028AS Grigio Ace
Encounter the beauty of fashion 

Taste exquisite life

4. PoliLam--W0031A VF Issa Burlington Elm 
With a touch of nature 
Spread a quiet tipsy warmth 
Talk to the years 
It is accompanied by warmth 

Build a beautiful home for people and nature

5. PoliLam--W0056B Gladwell Beech
Different materials collide with each other in the space 
Exudes the original but delicate atmosphere 
A moving line with a sense of hierarchy 

Convey natural, comfortable and minimalist living aesthetics