High Pressure Laminate For Furniture
Compact Laminate Restroom Partition
4.5mm Fire Retardant Board
Chemical Resistant Board Countertop

Jiangsu Boda New Materials Technology Co., Ltd.

Jiangsu Boda New Materials technology Co., Ltd., a pioneer of the HPL industry, continuously adheres to the principle of improvement. Unremitting efforts and improvement in our production environment, quality and service meeting the stringent quality and service requirements of our customers around the world. We are specializing in High Pressure Laminates, Compact Lamiante, Chemical Resistant Board, which is widely used in various decorative surfaces, such as furniture, cabinets, interior doors, walls, pillars and more.

Constantly cultivating our production environment, the environmental treatment process, upgrading to advanced equipment, training additional technical personnel, and modernizing the design and marketing team.