What Kind Of Material Is The Bethel Plate Made Of?


The plate is a combination of color paper and resin, after the continuous superposition of kraft paper, pressed at high temperature.

1. Anti times special plate pressing needs to go through 150 degrees of high temperature.

It has good sun fast and high temperature resistance, a long time in the sun exposure, without any shelter will not appear aging deformation. Its thickness standard is generally 0.7 mm to 25 mm, can be selected according to different environment and needs;

2. The thickness of the anti-double special material is determined by the superimposed kraft paper.

When making craft paper, the more the number of sheets used, the thicker the thickness after pressing, the stronger the wear resistance;

3. With the characteristics of waterproof and corrosion resistance.

In addition to high temperature resistance, anti - moisture and corrosion resistance, and the surface is easy to clean.

Where is the anti-bette plate suitable for?

1. Public places. Interior walls and counters in airports and financial institutions, partitions and stalls in public toilets and baths.

2. School facilities. Used for laboratory table top, windproof wall, campus bench, dormitory wardrobe, etc.

3. Office, home. All kinds of laboratories, communication agency operating desks, office tables, family baths, kitchen tables, shelving, ceiling, etc.

Anti-double special plate has a wide range of applications, can be applied to different occasions, in the purchase, should be based on their own needs, choose the quality of the products.