Design Shanghai and Kitchen & Bath China 2023 In Shanghai


1. From June 07-Jun 11, PoliLam attend Design Shanghai and Kitchen & Bath China 2023 in Shanghai. With the latest materials, PoliLam presents an exhibition full of creativity, inspiration and aesthetics.

2. Jun 17-19, the 24th China Hospital Construction Conference (CHCC2023) grand opened in Chengdu, China. PoliLam appeared at this exhibition with a new face.

3. On June 24, our company held a semi-annual sales meeting, at which we reviewed the sales performance in the past six months, summarized the marketing work in the first half of the year by analyzing the industry situation at local market and abroad, identified the gains and losses of the work, unified ideological understanding, and clarified the direction of the work in the second half of the year to lay the foundation for the completion of the annual sales target.

4. From 23rd to 24th, Boda Marketing Center conducted team expansion activities. Through this activity, everyone's sense of responsibility, self-confidence, independent ability, leadership, teamwork spirit and adaptability in facing difficulties and challenges were inspired. It also allowed everyone to break through their own limits, break the old thinking mode, establish confidence and determination to dare to meet challenges, and hone their will. Build a sense of overall perspective, and the cohesion of the team is stronger.