HIGH PRESSURE LAMINATE is impact-resistant, wear-resistant, waterproof, pollution-resistant, mothproof, etc., which can effectively prevent daily abrasions. It is also easy to clean.

HPL can withstand moderate or high intensity use, so in addition to home use, it is also ideal for schools, hotels, offices, restaurants, toilets and other applications.


The appearance of HIGH PRESSURE LAMINATE is highly decorative. Excellent natural textures such as wood grain, stone, fabric add more possibilities to the design. Solid color can cover most of the colors and textures of nature.


HIGH PRESSURE LAMINATE meets the stringent environmental protection requirements.Its extremely low formaldehyde permeability provides an effective barrier, preventing the emission of organic volatiles and formaldehyde. Certified by Singapore GREENLABEL, GREENGUARD and GREENGUARD Gold, it can be directly applied to indoor furniture decoration or even furniture for children with more stringent requirements.


luxury and elegant

PoliLam W0030B RW

Linden Dourado

Can Refresh and invigorate one’s heart



PoliLam S0003B SU

Elixir Camile

Minimal but not simple

Understated but not inferior

Unique hues and textures

Bring peace and quietness to the space



Natural grain and fine texture

Soft and comfortable colors

PoliLam W0055A RW

Asira Chestnut

Always brings the feeling of simplicity

Inadvertently release pleasant temperature